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Drees Custom Homes

440 Double L Drive3,589254.52$549,900Now
311 Waters View Court4,786254.54$847,900April
532 Peakside Circle3,561244.53$619,900Now

Brookfield Residential

416 Double L. Drive2,5601432$430,357Now
275 Wynnpage Drive2,732132.52$424,990December

Scott Felder Homes

Available Inventory – Caliterra 80’s

186 White Rock Court3,3681.5443$619,990Now
206 Canal Drive4,1472643$629,990Now
196 Wynnpage Drive2,0551322$405,990Now
112 Bell Hill Drive2,437 1432$449,990Now
473 Peakside Circle2,437132.52$423,990Now
439 Peakside Circle2,4381432$426,990Now
416 Peakside Circle2,441132.52$425,990Now
417 Peakside Circle2,5711432$445,990Now
225 Bell Hill Drive2,921143.52$453,990Now

Alkire Construction

113 Waters Edge Court3,8722533$710,000Now

TMB Homes

113 Waters Edge Court3,8722533$710,000Now

Pulte Homes

Custom Homes and Homesites

300 Waters Edge Cove.710#27$159,950Available
274 Waters Edge Cove.767#26$162,500Available
419 Waters Edge Cove.611#36$193,900Available
420 Waters Edge Cove.480#35$193,900Available
412 Waters Edge Cove.536#34$199,975Available
175 Evelyn Court.339$79,000Available
166 Capstone Court.311$79,000Available
143 Emmanuelle Court.253$79,000Available
150 Capstone Court.321$79,000Available
130 Capstone Court.307$79,000Available
110 Capstone Court.262$79,000Available
161 Evelyn Court.433$79,000Available
191 Evelyn Court.369$79,000Available
197 Evelyn Court.332$79,000Available
201 Evelyn Court.392$79,000Available
202 Evelyn Court.452$79,000Available
151 Emmanuelle Court.399$79,000Available
445 Cross Water Lane1.30$249,000Available
461 Cross Water Lane1.09$249,000Available

*Prices and availability subject to change. Please contact on–site builder representatives for more information. The information and drawings contained herein are for illustrative purposes only. Planned amenities, open space, lot size and configuration, land use and zoning may be changed without prior notice. Prices, availability, and builder offerings are also subject to change. May 6, 2019.