Milton Reimers Ranch Park

We’re fortunate to have some truly beautiful landscapes here in the Texas Hill Country, and you don’t have to drive more than a few miles outside of the city to discover one of nature’s playgrounds. One of those nearby places worth exploring is Milton Reimers Ranch Park.    Whether you’re looking for a dose of…


Texas Hill Country Olive Co.

The Texas Hill Country may be thousands of miles and an ocean away from the olive orchards of Italy, but it has more in common with Italy’s olive oil production than you might think. For starters, both areas offer a warm climate and the right alkaline soil composition that olive trees need to thrive.   …


Fitzhugh Brewery

The Texas Hill Country might as well be dubbed “beer country” because as any beer fan knows, there are a plethora of fantastic breweries in the region worth checking out. Some have been around for decades while others are newer on the scene. Fitzhugh Brewery will celebrate its two-year anniversary this fall and if the…

Dripping Springs

History of Dripping Springs

      St. Louis may be known as the “Gateway to the West” but Dripping Springs is the “Gateway to Hill Country,” as it was founded just a few years after Texas achieved statehood and is in close proximity to Austin. While Dripping Springs has evolved with the changes, even today, it remains a…

Film Friendly Community

A Film-Friendly Community

Central Texas might not have quite the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, but it certainly has no shortage of Hollywood movies that have sought it out as a filming destination. Going back nearly a century, studios have found Austin and the surrounding area to be the perfect location for iconic films and television shows such…